Today, a super super super cute gecko who was crawling on the top of a wall in my boyfriend grandma’s home. She was traumatized when she saw him (the gecko, not my boyfriend), and she wanted to sweep him away with a broom, but we took him and named him and after snapping a quick photo we released him into the wild (read: terrace). I tried to pet him, but I’m afraid I have the same gentle touch of one of those babies you see on Youtube that try to stroke a dog and end up sticking a finger in its eye instead; so when I tried to pet the little guy I think I unintentionally tapped his head. Still, I tried to gently hold him in my hand and I somehow managed not to hurt him; he was the cutest thing. We called him Saurino. He jumped and happily ran away.

Cute Saurino is cuteCute Saurino is cuter.


The loss

005 piccolo

I’ve been absent for a long time but I’ve been working a lot, in and out of uni, and I’ve been taking pictures. It was my first serious try with film camera, and this photoshoot is the result of digital + film photography. A giant thank you goes to my gorgeous model and friend Laura and to the great make-up artist Milena, who patiently tolerated my rants along the way. And to my boyfriend’s grandmother, who helped me (read: made most of the job) sew the beautiful gown you can see in some of the pictures.

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What I’ve been up to.. again!

Internet has been non existent in my house in the past few weeks because my parents decided to change telephone operator, therefore we changed modem.. and now I don’t have ADSL in my room. Bummer. And the weather is already going cold again, we basically had no summer this year (and if you think I was complaining now, just wait for the actual winter!).

My hand, a book, ripped jeans and a blanket. The only way to spend a cold afternoon without internet.

But hey, thanks to the fact that I’m not able to stay in front of a laptop for hours, I managed to actually regain connection with my more intellectual, artistic, and sometimes bored self. I’ve been planning photoshoots. And trips to Rome with a friend. Actually, the beheaded one. And I busted turtles having sex.

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Underwater watercat

I was swallowed by another Ancient Greek exam (see here and here what I’m talking about), but in the last few days I actually did things other than crying over untranslatable Spartan dialect in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. Last year I bought an underwater disposable camera, and this summer I finally managed to finish the film roll with the help of one of my best friends, it was such a blast that I just *had* to put pictures on the blog. They are probably the worst photos I’ve ever taken. Worst quality, weird crops (it is absolutely impossible to point underwater, through that tiny viewfinder, without my glasses) (whoever said that short-sighted people actually can see better underwater is stupid) (and I’m stupider for believing that), focus on nothing, severely deformed faces and angles, beheaded people, but best time ever. If you hover your mouse on the images, there’s a description. And I want you to read it.

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A photographer a day.. Marc Hispard

Emma Sjöberg - Le Vert en Habit de Lumière (Elle France 11 Mars 1991) 01

If you want to read the first episode of this “series”, it was dedicated to my all-time favourite Hans Feurer, and you can find it  here.

Marc Hispard is a born and bred French photographer who started in the (golden) 80s/90s era, shooting primarily – but not only – for Elle France (he also was one of the first photographers of Elle US). The things I love about his pictures are pretty much the same I love in Feurer’s: freshness, spontaneity, fun-loving models, summer vibes. What is different in Hispard’s photos is that they have a more earthy quality to them, rich and warm red, ochre, mustard and brown tones, slighly underexposed and with low contrast – that produce as a consequence a peculiar rendering of the color of the skin, and very tanned girls. Even in winter issues.

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A little bit better

Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith

So very true. Found this on Pinterest.



Playas del Este, Cuba

My first contact with a camera was when I was little and my mom lent me her Canon T70 to snap some pictures from time to time (and you could always spot mine because it was the one of the batch with the awfully crooked horizon) (yes, like the one you see here on top). I’ve always been fascinated by film photography since then, but I decided to learn how to take pictures with a digital because – let’s face it – it’s so much cheaper and quick.

But now that I’ve been taking photography classes, I noticed how I relied too much on the security the digital format gives, because you can always redo your picture if it didn’t come out fine. This, however, brought me not to properly think before shooting (even if I’ve never actually been the “spray and pray” kind of gal); now I want to try, instead, to learn how exactly the camera reacts to what I want it to do, pretty much like in a car with a manual gear. Moreover, as you don’t really get as many attempts as you want, because generally you’re confined to those 36 shots per film, and you cannot use all of them just for one picture, you really are forced to know how the photo will come out before pressing the button. And you’ll have less pictures to pick when it comes to post-production. Because I really suck at choosing things.

So, yesterday I went through the internet to clear up my mind about the kind of films are available (seriously, it’s a neverending list), but thanks to this life-saving post I decided which ones I want to begin with: Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Ektar 100 and Lomography CN 400. And maybe Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160. In this order. Today I’m going to grab my first film, my mom’s camera (sorry mom!), and let’s see what I’m able to do. I foresee sweat and tears. But not only, hopefully.

And now, some inspiration pics found around!
↠ Leave mouse on images to find out infos, click on images to go to the source, contact me if one of these is a photo of yours and you don’t want it here.

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Un zeste de Javanaise

Un zeste de Javanaise

So! A few posts ago I anticipated that I did a photoshoot with a new beautiful model, and here we are with the pictures! Unfortunately we spent most of the day in the car, which means that we had just a bit more than a couple of hours to take all the photos I planned, and I just have five of them. I wanted to call this photo story “Un zeste de Javanaise”, which is again a lyric of a song by Malcolm McLaren and Catherine Deneuve (I know – I’m boring) (in my defence, it’s a different song!), but once I got home from the road trip, I noticed that the pictures didn’t exactly follow a storyline, so there’s actually no need for a title. But I’ll keep it anyway. Muahahahah. Read More →


A little bit better

Mens sana in corpore sano

This is a quote by Latin author Juvenal; it means a healthy mind in a healthy body, and it’s a helluva good quote. Originally it was intended for Roman aristocracy, who was spending money and time in looking for material and vacuous stuff instead on focusing on the durable and important things, the only things to pray to the Gods for: a healthy mind and a healthy body – and you can’t have one without the other.

I find it’s still true today, and I sure am more calm and serene whenever my body is rested and in good form. And when I have no pimples.

Ps. Anyone knows anything about crystal therapy? How does it work? Does it work?


Oranges + grapefruit

Sometimes, life gives you lemons

…and when it does, that’s where the good begins! Today has been a day full of orange things. Orange has always been my least favourite colour, but for some reason it’s starting to grow on me, and now I find myself with an orange lipgloss, an orange lip pencil, an orange lipstick, and an orange nail polish. I’m not brave enough to try it on clothes. And tonight Mother Nature decided to show off, we hadn’t had such a beautiful sunset in a lot of time. I know sometimes you just look and enjoy the moment.. but sometimes you grab your camera and take pictures! Read More →