Summer summer summer!


Summer’s finally arrived, and what a summer! Can I get a Halleluja? Halleluja!!! It’s 37 degrees and everybody is melting and complaining besides me, I feel like I’m in my element. Aside from a very irritating dizziness. But that’s part of being a lively 27 year old going on 88. And the fact that I’m Italian, since apparently we have access to illnesses which are not even known in the rest of the world (read this to clear your mind about what the heck I’m saying). Read More →


A little plane

This is just a little story about a little plane, carrying 81 little souls, that once flew upon the Tyrrhenian sea, but never got home. Instead, it lays on the bottom of the sea near the island of Ustica, a watery tomb for the 81 little souls who could never tell the truth about what happened to them.

Today it’s their 35th anniversary, I just cared to share their story.

Original post here, and if you wish to know all the facts about the little plane, please click here.

Aeroporto Bologna Itavia Biglietto Itavia Bologna-Palermo Punta Raisi Ustica 01 Ustica 07 Ustica 08 Ustica 05 Ustica 06


The beach



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Take me out to the ball game

Today I woke up and I was kinda like this:

Peanuts Baseball 04

And kinda the same climate too. Next time I go see my baseball team, I’m so bringing a blanket (also, I think I was the only one stupid enough to go without one: the rest of the audience was basically equipped to go camping). We were 58 in the audience. We could most definitely use some Dottie Hinson stunt.

Ragazze Vincenti 01

Anyway, we won the game.



is a very unforgiving device.

The unforgiving device.

I tried a waterproof phone case to take some pictures in the pool.

I don’t really know what happened. Read More →



Palms in Carcavelos

A friend in Lisbon tells you that you can try one of the thousands surf schools in Carcavelos to have your first experience with surf. In the Atlantic Ocean. In January. One year after you just learnt how to swim. You think he’s joking.

I didn’t.

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Hoarding: Buried (under Vogue) Alive

2000s Marie Claire

Hi! My name is Vittoria and I’m a fashion magazine addict.

Yesterday I helped my cousin move out from her apartment. We were looking for stuff to keep and stuff to throw away. I heard her saying to my mother “Well, look here: late 90s Vogue, Elle, Marie Cla..”

She couldn’t finish the sentence because I literally ran her over to grab all I could grab. Read More →



Palms. Palms everywhere.

Belém (very weird name because it’s pronunced almost like an Italian bad word) is a freguesia – new word I discovered for a little administrative district – near Lisbon, which is very famous for the lovely tower, the Jerónimos Monastery and the very weird 25th of April bridge that is a Golden Gate look-alike, from where you can see the Cristo Rei, which is a Cristo Redentor look-alike. Very weird.

Here we discovered that the Beheaded has quite a fear of ducks. Read More →



Tiles 9

Azulejos are the little tiles that cover up Lisbon’s buildings. Read More →



Praça da Figueira.

I’m writing now that I’m at home, my hair is still salty from a dip in the Atlantic, and my room looks like a bomb of clothes, film rolls, cameras, maps and azulejos just exploded. I’m back from four days in Lisbon, Portugal, which I wish were a bit longer since it was a really fun trip full of laughter, chit-chats, fights, new experiences and cool places. Read More →