A cat’s beach bag

So, this post will be mainly focusing on wishful thinking things I would like to buy for this summer. I’m trying to plan a super vacation in some place with a gorgeous sea (yes, to me this is pretty much the only requirement for a dream holiday) (possibly low cost) (also because if it isn’t low cost, I can’t go on vacation), and I need a decent beach bag that can come with me. So here are the things I want in it:

Mexican blanket

1. A Mexican blanket. Used as beach towel. And not only. Used for anything you like, because Mexican blanket prints are my current obsession. This one is from Ocean Swept, but unfortunately it’s sold out, so I guess I have to find another perfect thing. Read more


I went to a mineral expo last weekend. Gemstones were so astounding and captivating. Since I was kid I always loved crystals and minerals, and even if I know little of crystal therapy – I don’t even know if I actually believe they have some kind of healing power – they always fascinated me and inspired me a great sense of calm and demure beauty.

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I don’t remember where I put my head

A few weeks ago, I had to go to a lunch date with a friend on Wednesday; on Monday, past midnight, he texted me saying “see you tomorrow”; so it technically was already Tuesday, and he obviously meant “see you tomorrow, on Wednesday”. But to me, it still was Monday night (seriously, who is the brainiac that made up that the day should start at midnight? it’s a complete nonsense) (to me, the day starts when I wake up), so tomorrow meant Tuesday, not Wednesday. Which means I was at the restaurant 24 hours early.

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A little bit better

Fear knocked at the door, Faith answered and nobody was there

Fear knocked at the door. [Insert the word you prefer here: faith, courage, love] answered, and nobody was there.

This has been one of my favorite quotes for years, it has a special meaning to me; my mom said this to me when I was going through a tough moment and I’ve never forgotten it. So, some nights ago I was a lil’ low, and doing this cheered me up. Especially because it’s written on a pic I took during a rad trip.