Bird of Para-Para-Paradise

Bird of Paradise + Twinings Voyage Brazilian Baia

The weather outside was so unfortunate yesterday – it started to snow.. man, I don’t like winter! Couldn’t it always be warm and sunny? – that I decided to cheer me up with some colorful flowers and tropical flavored tea. I took a couple of pics because it was all so matchy-matchy. Read more

A photographer a day.. Hans Feurer

Anja Rubik, Hans Feurer, Vogue Paris, beachy blog Anja Rubik, Hans Feurer, Vogue Paris, beachy blog

..keeps the doctor away.

As in the future I’m planning to be a photographer (or at least a better one than I am now), lately I’ve been studying camera gears and history of photography, but I’ve also been trying to know major photographers’ work, so that I can get inspired by true artists and develop my own personal taste in pictures, together with a proper technical knowledge.

So I wanted to share something by a photographer that I really adore, Hans Feurer. Read more

Easier said than done

So, giving old clothes to charity wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be – apparently nothing has been in the past few days! After three wrong addresses, one trip to the Devil’s Triangle of my city (a massive black hole of one way streets and bus lanes where you can’t do anything but get lost) and an almost car crash, I managed to do my daily good deed. All of this while my granny was calling me on the phone because she has house-heating-induced anxiety, which means that her boiler works perfectly, but for some weird reason she’s convinced it breaks and readjusts all by itself several times a day.

But it feels good to have a room free from bags of old rugs – and for a good cause!

I’m not good at titles

Install WordPress? Easy peasy lemon squeezy – said no one ever! This site has been so complicated to publish! The inner me usually looks at challenges by saying “Eeer.. That’s too difficult, let’s move to something else”. But recently I’ve been trying to stay on a new path, where difficulties are not there just to drive me crazy, but to teach me how to deal with stuff; so I thought “Let’s toughen up and get something good out of this, because this banner I made is uber cute”.

So here I am, a girl who tries to stay on her path. And learn how to swim.

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