A beautiful place

Love love love, St. Francis in Assisi.

My birthday is November the 13th, my boyfriend’s the 15th. So my parents this year decided to make just one gift for both of us and they booked us a trip to Umbria, a region in Italy that I had never been to before, but I do believe now is one of the most beautiful of the country.

It took us 3 hours to go, which wouldn’t be that bad, if I haven’t been in the bathroom the whole night before with the most pyrotechnical bellyache ever. Still, we managed to leave the house – but not without a bellyache friend, aka a warm fuzzy stuffed toy to cuddle when in pain. A very orange carrot that I named Il Signor LaCarota (Mister TheCarrot) and that you can see here:

Il Signor LaCarota

Did you say hello to Il Signor LaCarota? If you didn’t say hello I won’t continue writing.



So, as I was saying before I interrupted myself, we left for Umbria in a very bright, sunny, classical italian morning:


Once in Umbria, we saw kittens. Lots of.

Kittens enjoying the sun.

Kitteh One

Kittens planted in vases (?).

Kitteh Two

Kittens lurking us.

Kitteh ThreePlus one broken kitten that looked like a furry Hunchback of Notre Dame that I wanted to take home, and a hungry kitten that almost savaged my hand while I was trying to feed him.

We also learnt that in roman Umbria they already invented the first URL.


On a most serious note (but note: it wasn’t a very serious trip overall), we also saw some jaw-dropping stuff. And the most jaw-dropping of them all, which I unfortunately don’t have any picture of, the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi; I wasn’t allowed to take pics in there, but honestly I was so stoked I completely forgot to even switch on my camera. On the outside it’s so lovely, and a little understated, on the inside.. I just hadn’t words. You can find pictures and videos of it online, but trust me, once you step in there it’s another story; such a vivid, overwhelming and sacred experience (and I’m not a very religious person) that I can really say that few things around the world have moved me this much.

And now I’ll leave you to the pics of the trip – I took my film camera with me but I haven’t finished the roll yet so you’ll have to wait for those.

Lovely street in Spello I always take pictures of things that could be everywhere. Plants in Spello again.❤ Pigeon in Spello. A little church.. you guessed it: Spello.The view from our hotel in Spoleto, we were in love with it!Piazza del mercato, Spello.A very pensive dog (cane pezza).Mint. Mint everywhere. Piazza del mercato, Spoleto, again.Door in Spoleto. I love doors.St. Peter's church, Spoleto. I spent like 4 hours here trying to get the details with the film camera. Fingers crossed.Fell in love with the details of the pillars of this little lombard temple near the Clitunno river. I find fish scales everywhere. Watercat inside.Bigger pigeon, Clitunno river.Love love love, St. Francis in Assisi.

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