A cat’s beach bag

So, this post will be mainly focusing on wishful thinking things I would like to buy for this summer. I’m trying to plan a super vacation in some place with a gorgeous sea (yes, to me this is pretty much the only requirement for a dream holiday) (possibly low cost) (also because if it isn’t low cost, I can’t go on vacation), and I need a decent beach bag that can come with me. So here are the things I want in it:

Mexican blanket

1. A Mexican blanket. Used as beach towel. And not only. Used for anything you like, because Mexican blanket prints are my current obsession. This one is from Ocean Swept, but unfortunately it’s sold out, so I guess I have to find another perfect thing.

2. A waterproof case for my phone, so that I can take pictures in the water when I’ll finally be able to swim.

Acacia Swim - Biarritz top Bora Bora bottom in Lilikoi-Naked

3. Something by Acacia Swimwear, especially in the Lilikoi color. Especially the Tanzania bottom. Which I will buy as a treat for myself as soon as I pass this Ancient Greek exam.

4. Some kind of chunky gypsy-ish anklet, like this one.

Elephant boho satchel and patterns

5. An elephant or Indian/Balinese inspired satchel. Or a paisley satchel. Or a Mexican blanket pattern satchel. Any crossbody cotton satchel with a zipper, so that I can carry it in the water and I don’t have to leave my belongings on the beach.

And – aside from the obvious things you would find in a beach bag, like a book, an iPod, sunscreen, etc. etc. – that’s basically it. For now.

See ya.

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