Palms. Palms everywhere.

Belém (very weird name because it’s pronunced almost like an Italian bad word) is a freguesia – new word I discovered for a little administrative district – near Lisbon, which is very famous for the lovely tower, the Jerónimos Monastery and the very weird 25th of April bridge that is a Golden Gate look-alike, from where you can see the Cristo Rei, which is a Cristo Redentor look-alike. Very weird.

Here we discovered that the Beheaded has quite a fear of ducks.

You should hover the mouse on the images as usual. You definitely should.

The Golden Gat.. ehm , the 25th of April bridge. Actually, this felt like Brasil. Something very weird happened here. The sky was obviously not black, in fact it was turquoise blue, so I guess it was just so bright that it actually burnt the film, hence the cool, creepy and apocalyptic-looking black sky. Film photography marvels. THIS is what the sky looked like. Jeronimos Monastery. Belém tower. Unfortunately closed. Self-explanatory. Palms. Palms everywhere. See? AGAIN. Laundry coordinated with the building.LOL! At Pasteis de Belém café (when you enter, is like another town because it's so giant).

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