Bird of Para-Para-Paradise

Bird of Paradise + Twinings Voyage Brazilian Baia

The weather outside was so unfortunate yesterday – it started to snow.. man, I don’t like winter! Couldn’t it always be warm and sunny? – that I decided to cheer me up with some colorful flowers and tropical flavored tea. I took a couple of pics because it was all so matchy-matchy.

Tea and colors solve every problem you might have. Especially when you have a nice cup of tea and you get to share it with your loved one.

Have a nice tropical (or wannabe-tropical) day, wherever you are!

Ps. Isn’t bird of Paradise the weirdest and raddest flower you’ve ever seen? And it’s ginormous, had no idea. Its real name it’s actually strelitzia, and it comes from South Africa, not from some rainforest as I thought. And what’s even cooler is the mating dance of real birds of Paradise – which I discovered while looking for infos about the flower. I would be extremely frightened if I was the female bird, but still, it’s impressive. He’s got the moves.

Twinings Voyage Brazilian BaiaBird of ParadiseTwinings Voyage Brazilian Baia 01

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