I love tropical, if it wasn’t clear enough. But I don’t live in the tropics, even though I do live in a city that, according to Wikipedia, has a humid subtropical climate, which is a very nice way to describe a place where you swim in the frozen air during winter and you sweat like a pig during summer, no mid-season whatsoever involved. A week ago we had a very rare event: some days of spring. So I grabbed my camera, and I went out to enjoy the weather. And the city. Because, even though it’s not the tropics, it is a wonderful city. And full of palm trees. That obviously contribute to bring some tropics home.

Palm treesBuilding in front of my houseBe prepared. You will see a lot of magnolias in this post.Little patio

I lllloved this little terrace. It was so small and shabby, yet it looked like a very relaxing and fresh place to hang out.

White house and treeAgain, magnolia.Hello, nice kitty.

Oh! Hi!

Parisian building

This building looks very Parisian, in my humble opinion.

House and palm treesMagnolia.. you don't say?

Magnolias.. magnolias everywhere (not my fault, they happen to be as photogenic as palm trees).

More palm treesAn ombre roasted petal.White flowers dyptique 01White Flowers Dyptique 02One of the most beautiful houses on the neighborhood

Is it just me, or my photos all look.. chaotic? Not chaotic in a bad way, just.. full of things? I guess I don’t have a minimalistic eye for pictures.

Palm leaves

Oh, and I passed my Ancient Greek exam. With flying colors. Now, let’s go for the next one, Ancient Greek Literature. That is even tougher.

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