Palms in Carcavelos

A friend in Lisbon tells you that you can try one of the thousands surf schools in Carcavelos to have your first experience with surf. In the Atlantic Ocean. In January. One year after you just learnt how to swim. You think he’s joking.

I didn’t.

The day after The Beheaded and I took a train to Carcavelos – a very small trip, it’s not even half an hour from Lisbon, I usually take more to get from home to the train station in my city – without a swimsuit, wetsuit, or bikini whatsoever (yay for foresighted beach girls!), and we chose completely randomly one of the schools (ok, maybe not completely randomly: I looked for the prettiest) (yay for savvy decision making too!) and we just went for it, as this year my resolutions can pretty much be condensed in this quote by one of my favourite bloggers, Rebekah from Goldfish Kiss (click for source):


So, first impressions of my (very much coveted) first experience with surf:

– Oh, God, this water is freezing.
– Oh, God, this water is like PAINFULLY freezing.
– Why the ocean keeps trying to sweep my board away?
– I’m going to have pneumonia tomorrow.

Then I catched my first wave. I stayed up on the board for almost two second before falling and hitting my bum on the bottom of the sea. It was AWESOME.

For the rest, I can sum it up with:

– Me falling in the water and hitting my bum and knees on the sand below quite vigorously.
– Me humming Cruel Summer by Bananarama.
– Me screaming of joy for staying up on the board for one second but actually catching 6 or 7 waves (the last one without falling off until I reached the shore, best feeling ever).
– My friend hitting a kid with her board.
– My friend yelling at the kid’s father to keep his son out of her way.
– This conversation with the surfer dude: – You have to fight the ocean! – I’m fighting, but he’s winning big time! – He doesn’t win until you die!
– Me thinking “I love my board, my board is mint green”.
– Me thinking “Why my board is turning against me while I’m tryibrlbrlbrlbrllubb”.

In one word: great.

And that’s it.

Ah, no. Here’s the pictures.

Palms from the bus.Surf lessons here.Palms in Carcavelos. The Beheaded with a head and a surfboard.A very happy me.Actually not really in Carcavelos.. but it goes well with the theme. A very serious-looking me.

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