Hoarding: Buried (under Vogue) Alive

2000s Marie Claire

Hi! My name is Vittoria and I’m a fashion magazine addict.

Yesterday I helped my cousin move out from her apartment. We were looking for stuff to keep and stuff to throw away. I heard her saying to my mother “Well, look here: late 90s Vogue, Elle, Marie Cla..”

She couldn’t finish the sentence because I literally ran her over to grab all I could grab.

My mom was looking at me like I was a hoarder with a bad anxiety attack – or Gollum – while I was screaming “Elle! Mine! Marie Claire! Mine! Mine!”, and tried to dissuade me from bringing home 17 kg of fashion magazines. She failed – she probably gave up when she noticed that my intellect had miserably vanished (that’s when I was running around in the house crying “Look! Gisele Bundchen when she was like 12!”, “Ninety-nine! NINETY-NINE!”, and “Shalom Harlow on the cover! My preciousss!”).

Today, just to avoid being featured in a Hoarding: Buried Alive episode – and to prevent a Marie Claire-induced death by suffocation, I cleaned all the issues and neatly put them away with all my other magazines. I’m quite proud of my job.

That is, if the cupboard doesn’t collapse during the night.

2000s Marie Claire

I may scan something in the future.

One thought on “Hoarding: Buried (under Vogue) Alive

  1. Oh I wish I could be burried under stacks of gorgeous Vogue and Elle magazines and would
    love to be sufficated with Italian Marie Clarie collection editions. The aroma of women’s
    glossy fashion magazines with their sweet scented pages is really addictive and I crave for
    the fresh new latest editions.

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