I don’t remember where I put my head

A few weeks ago, I had to go to a lunch date with a friend on Wednesday; on Monday, past midnight, he texted me saying “see you tomorrow”; so it technically was already Tuesday, and he obviously meant “see you tomorrow, on Wednesday”. But to me, it still was Monday night (seriously, who is the brainiac that made up that the day should start at midnight? it’s a complete nonsense) (to me, the day starts when I wake up), so tomorrow meant Tuesday, not Wednesday. Which means I was at the restaurant 24 hours early.


Last week, I had to go to my best friend’s graduation on Thursday. My mom, who wanted to come, took a day off her job. But I firmly believed that the graduation was on Friday, so that’s the day I told her. Luckily, my friend texted me the day before so my mom could sort things out and come with me. But I forgot to get my friend a present.


Today I had to go to another friend’s graduation, and the party was at the Sun Pub, but I completely misunderstood – you don’t say?! – so I went to the Bear Pub (of course, it was so similar, how could I NOT make a mistake?). In the end, I did arrive. Without a present. AGAIN. You thought I would have learnt my lesson, but apparently not.


Yesterday I forgot to check my email, and two days ago I received a note from the event manager of a film festival my magazine is partnering with, that was reminding me that today – at the exact same time of my friend’s party – I was supposed to be at the presentation of the movies. I obviously forgot that too. At that time, I was busy realizing I was in the wrong pub.

I bought my first agenda today.

2 thoughts on “I don’t remember where I put my head

  1. Sembra uno di quei vecchi film comici in bianco e nero.
    Quelli alla Stanlio e Ollio, per intenderci.

    A disaster, but we have found the solution

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