Praça da Figueira.

I’m writing now that I’m at home, my hair is still salty from a dip in the Atlantic, and my room looks like a bomb of clothes, film rolls, cameras, maps and azulejos just exploded. I’m back from four days in Lisbon, Portugal, which I wish were a bit longer since it was a really fun trip full of laughter, chit-chats, fights, new experiences and cool places.

Things that should be noted about this trip:

– A night out with a friend, who’s studying in Lisbon, at Casa Independente, an apartment converted to a kind of community centre, with refurbished decor taken from the street and spaces to eat and dance; the neighborhood where it is situated was a not-so-safe one, but thanks to this place and some other points of interest like restaurants and cafés, is becoming the new chic place to be. + thumbs up for the weird DJ and for me and the Beheaded, because when we arrived nobody was dancing, but when we left, everybody was.

– Feira da Ladra, where I bought three lovely tiles that I’m planning to use in my future house somehow. And where I also wanted to steal a fluffy puppy (an old, grey, fluffy puppy?) who was hanging between the stands.

– The b&b we were staying in. Apparently there are no heaters in Lisbon houses, but I think the cat Bonjour made up for that. And also the fact that it was an über cute XVIII century house with tiles on the façade.

– A day trip to Carcavelos, where I really wanted to go because I heard it’s a very famous surf spot and which was so much fun that it deserves a post to itself (up in a few days).

– Two restaurants: Cova Funda (where we ate the most disgustingly sweet and impossibly wonderful dessert ever, called Camel Drool – not even joking – and the most taste-buds-thrilling bacalhau you could ever taste) and O Cartaxinho (where a very drunk guy welcomed us and then told us to be careful because the night is dangerous).

– The city in general, which is beyond gorgeous and well-kept.

– Tiles. Tiles everywhere.

– The Beheaded arguing with a kid, his father, a surfer and a dog owner.

– The fact that I decided to take just my film camera with me: this meant 1. that I spent actually less than 3 hours to sort all the photos and to post-product them (hint hint: NO POST-PRODUCTION AT ALL!) and 2. that I really thought veeery well before taking a picture, so I ended up with more valuable ones that truly convey the feeling I wanted them to: happiness, sunny vibes and  overall excitement for the trip – and life.

All in all, awesome.

Pictures. (Hover mouse on them for more stories!)

Outside our b&b.Starting the day. Rossio train station.A Ginjinha, behind Praça de Pedro IV.Somewhere in Mouraria.Pantheon.In front of the Pantheon.A nice woman in a café.Oh, hi! See? It's that puppy. But he looked old, with gray hair and shaking walk. An old puppy. Steal him. Now.A very interested dog.Chiado. I noticed how lisboetas hang their laundry on the front of the buildings, and it ALWAYS match with the colour of the house. Right here, hot pink laundry on a pink building. I don't know what this is, but it's near Praça do Comercio. Stop at A Brasileira café. Chafariz d'el Rey, in Alfama. Apparently there is also a tea room inside - which I'll be visiting next time FER SURE.Convento do Carmo. Somewhere in Chiado.Barber shop in Chiado. Tram tour on th 28 line.An other adorable dog that I called Tateiro (portuguese-italian mixture because yes) who was escaping from me while I was trying to take a pic. Dog stalker anyone? The Beheaded, somewhere.Avenida da Libertade. Me. Silly.

4 thoughts on “Lisboa

  1. Marvellous photos! As usual… Why don’t you try to take consciously bad photos sometimes? It could be an original idea! 😉 However, I wish I will go there with you one day, because it would be wonderful and, most of all, because Manuelino Gothic has already been waiting for me for too much time!

    1. Thank you little monkey! I will try my best next time to take at least a couple of bad pictures! 😀 I can’t wait to go with you to Lisbon, it would be so much fun! ❤ Just promise I will get as much attention as Manuel I of Portugal! 😀

  2. Some of my friends went to Lisboa last summer for few days and they came back just loving it and your photos make me understand why.
    It seems like Lisboa will be one of my next “places to go to” in my travel list 🙂

    1. Hi! Thank you so much (also for the following!) and you most definitely should put Lisboa in your to-go list, it deserves every cent you can spend for the flight and b&b (and it’s actually a lot cheaper than other European capitals). Let me know if you go! 😀

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