Make it green!

Apparently blogs can be bad for the environment too! Based on the views they receive, they can produce a certain amount of CO2 (click here to know exactly how and how much), which means that if we want a greener and healthier planet, we should get our blogs greener too. So when I found out about this initiative years ago, on the German website Mach’s Grün, I hopped in with my old blog. What they basically did was planting a cute new tree in a forest, just because I wrote a post about it. Completely free + environmentally friendly, it’s a win-win.

Now I learn from this lovely blog I’ve just discovered that the project has expanded to other countries too – unfortunately, not in mine, but still.. So, since I got a new blog, and my tree in Germany is already planted, why not get another one somewhere? And you get a nice badge. In lots of languages. What more can you ask for? Probably only a photo taken of your little lovely tree.

I can’t wait to have my own apartment so that I can make it eco-friendly, but in the meanwhile, why not start with my space on the internet? Check out the Green Gestures project, and get your cute little tree planted!

Green blog - One blog, one tree


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