I went to a mineral expo last weekend. Gemstones were so astounding and captivating. Since I was kid I always loved crystals and minerals, and even if I know little of crystal therapy – I don’t even know if I actually believe they have some kind of healing power – they always fascinated me and inspired me a great sense of calm and demure beauty.

Titanium Quartz earringsAmethysts Quartz.. I think? Quartz Fuchsite Don't know what this isQuartz and fluorite Quartz crystals Sulfur AmethystTitanium Quartz Earrings

Generally speaking, the druzier the better.

And they’re even better on jewelry. Titanium quartz earrings by Kiss the Future.

4 thoughts on “Mineralia

  1. Nice earrings and great photos! Obviously, the green minerals are your favourite, I suppose… Especially, that mint-green one 😉

    1. Green minerals are indeed my favourite! But I will surprise you: the ones I like the best are the lime-green sulfur ones 😀 :*

  2. I minerali erano bellissimi e risultano bellissimi anche nelle tue foto.
    P.S sono Belli anche i tuoi orecchini !!!!

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