Oranges + grapefruit

Sometimes, life gives you lemons

…and when it does, that’s where the good begins! Today has been a day full of orange things. Orange has always been my least favourite colour, but for some reason it’s starting to grow on me, and now I find myself with an orange lipgloss, an orange lip pencil, an orange lipstick, and an orange nail polish. I’m not brave enough to try it on clothes. And tonight Mother Nature decided to show off, we hadn’t had such a beautiful sunset in a lot of time. I know sometimes you just look and enjoy the moment.. but sometimes you grab your camera and take pictures!

Sunset 02

Do you see it? It’s small, but that’s *definitely* a rainbow. A pink rainbow inside pink clouds. How cool is that? Never seen a rainbow during sunset. Did I say cool?

Sunset 01Sunset 03

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