Road trip!

This monday I’ve been to Genoa for a photoshoot. Only 10 hours in the car. I’ll put the pictures of the shoot with the model on the blog in a few days, but for now I’ll show you the few photos I made at the place, because it was seriously jaw-dropping! I discovered this neighborhood called Nervi (apparently it’s one of the most famous parks in Italy but I obviously didn’t know since I live on a planet of my own) while searching through Google Maps for palm trees – yes: that’s how I plan my photoshoots and trips. It’s quite a big park full of palm trees and squirrels hopping everywhere, the cutest thing ever. And once you go out the park, there’s a long walk, called Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi, that goes along the cliffs, where Genoa is settled. Beautiful.

Palm treeCrystal clear water

It was so hot, and the water was so clear.. if I hadn’t had all my camera equipment and a very little time to take all the pics, I sooooo would have taken a plunge. Even if I didn’t have a bikini. When the water is like that, who cares?!

Again, the seaPalm trees and Irene

The loveliest of friends in between the palm trees.

The sea from the PasseggiataThe view of the seaPalm trees

One can never have too many palm trees.

Hi, little adorable squirrel

Or too many squirrels, for that matter.

The PasseggiataThe sea

Yeah, I know, not the nicest pics. I was focused on the photoshoot, so unfortunately my photos don’t do justice to this place at all. But I will be back and take nicer pics, I promise.

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    1. Aww, thank you so much ma chérie! Can’t wait to see your future works ;D thank you for your comment ^^ bisous bisous ♡

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