Today, a super super super cute gecko was crawling on the top of a wall in my boyfriend grandma’s home. She was traumatized when she saw him (the gecko, not my boyfriend), and she wanted to sweep him away with a broom, but we took him and named him and after snapping a quick photo we released him into the wild (read: terrace). I tried to pet him, but I’m afraid I have the same gentle touch of one of those babies you see on Youtube that try to stroke a dog and end up sticking a finger in its eye instead; so when I tried to pet the little guy I think I unintentionally tapped his head. Still, I tried to gently hold him in my hand and I somehow managed not to hurt him; he was the cutest thing. We called him Saurino. He jumped and happily ran away.

Cute Saurino is cuteCute Saurino is cuter.

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