Sometimes even winter’s nice

This doesn’t happen to me very often during winter, and especially not lately, during exams period (I tend to get really anxious and overwhelmed by a certain sense of guilt, when I feel I’m not doing enough), but today I feel calm. The light outside is gorgeous, it’s not sunny but it’s luminous and bright. It’s not even remotely warm, but it already feels like spring, if you know what I mean. The kind of day you just want to spend between the bed and the winter sea, with your loved one, maybe in a surf shack like this (I was surfing through Airbnb yesterday and I absolutely fell in love with it). The only thing I miss right now is my camera, to take some neutral toned, tranquil pictures, but I lent it to my boyfriend so for now some Pinterest will have to do the job.

Click on the image to get to the source (the only one that isn’t clickable is mine).

Some winter ocean coolnessA surf shackWhite sheets chillingWhite fur of a cute dogQuite literally a beach houseCuddles and hugs

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