Summer summer summer!


Summer’s finally arrived, and what a summer! Can I get a Halleluja? Halleluja!!! It’s 37 degrees and everybody is melting and complaining besides me, I feel like I’m in my element. Aside from a very irritating dizziness. But that’s part of being a lively 27 year old going on 88. And the fact that I’m Italian, since apparently we have access to illnesses which are not even known in the rest of the world (read this to clear your mind about what the heck I’m saying).

Usual dialogue when I come home:

Me: Oh, hi!
Mom: Don’t you feel this awful heat?
Me: Well, I feel it, but I don’t really mind it.
Mom: And you’re not dying of heat?

Me: Oh, hi!
Dad: Oi, today it was 37 degrees!
Me: …
Dad: And you’re not dying of heat?

Truth is, I can stand the heat quite well. Unless this dizziness is not neck-related as I believe and I’m actually dying of a heatstroke.

IMG_8221_03 IMG_8151_05 IMG_8158_05 IMG_8166_03 IMG_8165_03 IMG_8169_02 IMG_8131_02

Pictures come out better during summer, isn’t it?

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