is a very unforgiving device.

The unforgiving device.

I tried a waterproof phone case to take some pictures in the pool.

I don’t really know what happened.

But if you hover your mouse on the images, you can read what I think I was trying to capture.

Maybe this is a religious take on the obvious pool shot. With a finger on top of it.Shouldn't cell phones be able to rotate their point of view when you rotate the phone? Apparently, mine decided that today wasn't the case.I'm pretty sure I didn't want to capture that.It seems that I clicked on the burst mode, so I took a HUNDRED pictures of the same subject. I made a gif. I think this deserves an Oscar. I have no idea why the phone camera decided to convert the color of the pool to this one. And I don't know what that black blob on the bottom is.

I swear the pool was blue. I SWEAR.

By the way, during the plunge I also managed to:

Inadvertently make a call to my boyfriend.
Go on Twitter and try to tweet a blank tweet.
Pump up the volume of the ringtone.
Put the phone on airplane mode.
Untie my bikini strap when I actually meant to grab the leash of the phone case.

All of the previous mentioned while I was simply trying to take a picture.


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