Underwater watercat

I was swallowed by another Ancient Greek exam (see here and here what I’m talking about), but in the last few days I actually did things other than crying over untranslatable Spartan dialect in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. Last year I bought an underwater disposable camera, and this summer I finally managed to finish the film roll with the help of one of my best friends, it was such a blast that I just *had* to put pictures on the blog. They are probably the worst photos I’ve ever taken. Worst quality, weird crops (it is absolutely impossible to point underwater, through that tiny viewfinder, without my glasses) (whoever said that short-sighted people actually can see better underwater is stupid) (and I’m stupider for believing that), focus on nothing, severely deformed faces and angles, beheaded people, but best time ever. If you hover your mouse on the images, there’s a description. And I want you to read it.

Apulia sea, the only decent picture of the bunch. This is me. Half normal, half chubby me. With weirdly red hair and fuzzy caterpillars instead of eyebrows. First beheaded woman, me. Second beheaded woman, my friend. My friend pulling off an underwater handstand like a pro. Little kid doesn't want to come out of the water. That time she took the camera and took a selfie.

I can’t wait to get another disposable camera.

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