What I’ve been up to.. again!

Internet has been non existent in my house in the past few weeks because my parents decided to change telephone operator, therefore we changed modem.. and now I don’t have ADSL in my room. Bummer. And the weather is already going cold again, we basically had no summer this year (and if you think I was complaining now, just wait for the actual winter!).

My hand, a book, ripped jeans and a blanket. The only way to spend a cold afternoon without internet.

But hey, thanks to the fact that I’m not able to stay in front of a laptop for hours, I managed to actually regain connection with my more intellectual, artistic, and sometimes bored self. I’ve been planning photoshoots. And trips to Rome with a friend. Actually, the beheaded one. And I busted turtles having sex.


Does this happen to everyone or is it just me? I was going home, and on the way to my house, right there in the street where everyone could have seen them (I DID!) the two naughty little turtles where there, having fun. Lots of it. And I do have proof, by the way. It is quite an awful picture because I took it with my phone, but I think technical quality is not the point here.


Yes, he has his tongue out. And he was panting and gasping, I tell you.

Besides watching turtle porn, I’ve been to the beach, but I have to develop the pictures I took with another disposable camera, so stay tuned for those!

I also have been window-licking at COS, found such a nice – but too expensive for me (at least this month, since I’m planning that small trip to Rome to see Frida Kahlo exhibition, YAY FOR THAT!) – cosy grandpa sweater. I took a bad picture in the fitting rooms. It looks grey from the picture but it’s actually a pretty pistachio colour. I know it doesn’t look that special, but it was so soft and I looked so positively blonde in it, and I kinda already imagined myself snuggling and wallowing in it on the sofa with a nice movie and jasmine green tea.

COS granpa sweater

And I’ve been catsitting. But that’s another post. See ya!

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